Inventory Optimization

How much excess inventory are you carrying today?  How confident are you that you are purchasing the right quantities for your business on today’s purchase orders?

Most businesses do not have a clear idea on how much excess inventory they are carrying.  Most do not know what the right levels of each item should be to meet their desired order fill rate.  Exerve can help.

Excess inventory is a depreciating asset.  Every dollar of inventory you can eliminate falls directly to the bottom line.

Our Free Inventory Optimization Review evaluates your current inventory, historical sales and inventory turns and forecasts future demand – seeking to identify obsolete inventory and optimal inventory levels for your operation. After our review, we will develop a short list of achievable objectives, some technology strategies, and of course, an improved cash flow estimate through inventory optimization. Let us help you find ways to maximize both your profit and your business potential.

If you are interested in extra cash falling to your bottom line, call Exerve today at 770-447-1566.  Optimize your inventory right now!

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