Lost & Found – Quicker Collections, Quicker Profit

In this Lost & Found, we will look at the problems you encounter with your AR Collections and how it affects your cash flow and your profit. Even in good times, many customers are slow to pay. With the current economic situation, you may see collection times lengthening even more as your customers begin to conserve their cash.

Many companies’ collection process consists of reviewing customers with past due balances on an aging report at month end. Time is needlessly spent looking at all the current AR trying to find what is past due. Calls are then made to collect these balances. Invoices that became past due early in the month, may already be up to 30 days old.

What would the benefit be if you could reduce the days of outstanding past due balances? With tools such as an automatic alert, you could be notified every morning of the past due invoices as of that day. This could greatly reduce the time it takes to collect the cash that is due to you.

There are many other ways to improve your cash collections, but how does that affect your bottom line? Fill in the blanks below and see how much your company can increase your profit by improving your cash collections.



Your Business

Current Annual Sales



365 Days Per Year

÷ 365

Average Daily Sales

$ 5,479


Current Days Outstanding

x 60

Total Current Cash Outstanding

$ 328,740

Average Daily Sales

$ 5,479


Anticipated New Days Outstanding

x 10

Anticipated Cash Outstanding

$ 54,790

Total Current Cash Outstanding

$ 328,740


Total Anticipated Cash Outstanding


Total Improved Cash Collections*

$ 273,950*

Annual Return (Current Prime Rate)

x .07

Improved Annual Profit

$ 19,177


*This is additional cash that will be liberated from your AR.

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