Integrate Your Service Management and Remote Technicians

Coordinated service management and service dispatch is important for managing technical departments, maximizing service revenues and ensuring customer satisfaction. Solutions that allow service issues to slip through the cracks or prevent technicians from accessing critical customer service history can destroy productivity and profitability.

Integrated service and dispatch management, combined with remote technician communications, can maximize service revenue, customer satisfaction and technician productivity; and is vital to growing your business.

An effective service management solution:

  • Allows a service dispatcher to quickly access customer service history, contract details, and account information.
  • Includes the automatic dispatch of remote technicians via the internet or mobile device.
  • Provides business alerts that notify service management of preventive maintenance situations and late service issues.
  • Will reduce the number of call backs due by calling attention to frequency of visits, parts issues and suspect conditions.
  • Measures the number of clicks between calls, by equipment, and by technician.
  • Understands the billing parameters of your equipment.
  • Ensures full reimbursement for warranty parts with effective equipment and parts management.
  • Provides effective measurement of technicians for better management and training purposes.

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