A Masters Course in Competitive Advantage Through Technology

Many of you may have already used Redbox to rent a movie.  If you have not yet, you should try it at least once to open your eyes to the potential advantage that process simplification and a little technology can provide for your business.

I had an opportunity to use a Redbox this past week a few times.

The process is simple.  You need a credit card.  If you want a receipt you need an email address.

That is all you need.  You do not give them your name, address, phone number or any other information.  No contracts to sign.

Rental is $1 per day.  After 25 days you own the DVD.

It is a process that could not be made any simpler.  It is less steps than video on demand via your cable provider.

What processes in your business could use a rethink, some simplification and a little technology?

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