New Live Portal Order Entry for SouthWare!

Want a quick and easy way to enter customer orders?  Now you have SouthWare’s Order Entry portal!

This Live Portal contains dozens of features for entering orders.  The bottom line is that with the OE Portal your order entry:

  • Is Quicker
  • Is More Accurate
  • Requires Less Training
  • Is More Intuitive
  • Is Simpler to Use, but..
  • Allows you to access all the standard features of SouthWare’s standard Order Entry program

Here are some of the key features available in this portal:

  • Instant access to existing orders
  • Quick customer access or setup of new customer
  • One-click creation of a new customer order
  • Instant stock item inquiry
  • Smart entry of items
    • Item inquiry/pricing access
    • One-click handling of out-of-stock conditions
    • Prompts for related items
    • Generates standard bills as needed
  • Instant access to full Order Entry program
    • Maintains same files as standard order entry so you can use both entry methods
  • Billing info on separate tab
  • Shipping info on separate tab
  • Easy entry of text
  • Option to select items from previous customer purchases

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