Customer Online Self-Service Portal

The Customer Online portal lets you give your customers anytime access to information about their accounts. Via SouthWare NetLink, your customers can inquire status and perform selected functions such as creating new orders, requesting service, and paying bills – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here are some of the key features available in this portal:

  • Start Tab: Shows account info including the status of orders and any unpaid balances
  • Place an Order Tab: Access the standard NetLink Shopping Cart page
  • Open Orders Tab: Lists any open orders for the customer
  • Recent Shipments Tab: Lists box information for recent orders
  • Order History Tab: Lists recent invoices for the customer
  • Unpaid Invoices Tab: Shows any unpaid open items from Accounts Receivable and if using PCCHARGE, accepts credit card payments
  • Service Orders Tab: Shows any open service calls for the customer – also allows the customer to create a new service call
  • Account Info Tab: Shows basic contact information for the customer’s account and lets them edit the info

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