Technician Time Tracking

This system allows your service technicians to record time events throughout the work day to account for time spent on service work, travel, meals, etc. The Time Tracking feature also provides:

  • The ability to specify that multiple techs are working on the same service order so that time is recorded for all the related techs from a single portal.
  • The option to automatically generate service order line items to account for technician labor cost on each service order (see related feature description).
  • The ability for management to review current and past time tracking data for each tech.

Tech Time Tracking

Purchase Order Planner Portal

The PO Planner Portal allows you to make PO buying decisions with integrated access to all the related info available in the system. You may review inventory items that need to be purchased and interactively edit the suggested quantities in the PO work file. As you work you see the estimated total cost amount for items purchased and you may zoom to the details of past purchases, sales trends, and other info to help you make good buying decisions. po_planning_portal

Secure Payment Processing – New Interface to Element Express

Simplify and Secure the Process of Electronic Payment Acceptance.

SouthWare offers customers a fully integrated, PCI/DSS compliant, and cost-effective payment processing solution via is partnership with Element Payment Services, the industry leader in PCI DSS compliant payment processing solutions.

Through a simple upgrade, capture every sale with easy-to-use, reliable payment processing solutions that simplify card payment acceptance and dramatically reduce the risk associated with handling cardholder data. The state-of-the-art Element Express Processing Platform supports credit, debit and check solutions and includes features such as TransForm tokenization, point-to-point encryption and comprehensive Web-based reporting, allowing customers to easily comply with PCI DSS requirements for your payment processing software.

Key Benefits:

• Process Payments Using the Fully Integrated Payment Module in SouthWare, Eliminating the Need for Standalone POS Terminals Or Costly and Unsecure Third Party Software
• Option to Keep Your Current Processor While Leveraging the Advantages of Element’s Processing Platform
• Security and Compliance with Industry Standards such as PCI DSS
• Access to 24×7 Customer Support at No Additional Cost
• Get the Most Valuable Payment Processing with Highly Competitive Processing Rates and Fees.

Empower Your Customers with Self Service

Providing good customer service is a key element of a successful business. But how much time are your employees spending to provide that service, and what is the cost? Often customers call to check on the status of an order, find out what they purchased last month, ask for a copy of a lost invoice, check on a service call request, or ask for a tracking number for their shipment.

Consider providing your customer with access to this information from your web site. With today’s technology, many customers want immediate results. They don’t want to be put on hold or leave voice messages for a call back. Providing an easy to use site where a customer can access a copy of their invoice, get a tracking number, review a list of products they purchased in the past or check the status of a sales or service order on their schedule can provide higher levels of service, and reduce the cost of in-house customer service employees.

Optimize and Wring Dollars Out of Your Business

By maintaining inventory, you incur costs. These costs include not only the cost of products but also the cost of warehousing, employee handling, insurance and overhead. Now is the time to optimize your inventory to reduce capital tied up in slow moving products, salvage dead stock, and maximize the use of your warehouse facility.

More than ever, the right technology is an essential tool to help businesses tightly manage their cash, drive efficiencies and reduce costs. The right technology can help you to:

  • Identify over stock and salvage dead stock in your warehouse to help you optimize and maintain the correct product mix
  • Recommend more efficient purchasing to keep quantities low but still provide the right levels of service
  • Help to control rising costs from vendors and suggest more efficient purchasing methods

With the right technology you will be able to wring the dollars you have tied up in inventory assets into cash and reduce your overall warehousing costs.

Business Costs – only when You Know Your Costs can You Control and Reduce Them

Business costs have a large impact on your bottom line. Many companies are not aware of their exact costs. Simplified accounting systems provide financial information after the fact. Often a financial statement that shows your bottom line is not available until 30 days or more after the end of the month or the year. Changes in your financial position do not show up until after they have occurred and it is too late to stop costs and eroding margins from eating away at your profits.

In order to control and reduce your costs, you need to know exactly what they are. A business solution that provides immediate, accurate and complete executive information on your costs and profits is critical. Here are some examples of how you can have better visibility to your costs and take control to reduce them.

•    A more robust business solution can provide you with an alert of a critical condition that will affect your financial position at the time that it occurs. This allows you to correct the problems as they occur.

•    Real time financial information that displays in an executive dashboard or portal allows executives to monitor your financial standings. This allows you to take immediate action and make changes before a problem affects your profits.

•    Automatic approvals and order holds can be set up to stop sales that fall below an acceptable margin before they occur.

•    Products or raw materials can be set up for approval when a cost has risen beyond an acceptable percentage.

Getting control of your costs is a major source of new profitability today and for the future.