Tech Mapping and GPS

You have the option to track the GPS locations of mobile service techs.You must have activated the “Store GPS Tracking Data” option in the Tech Tracking configuration in order to use this feature.

You may access the tracking info for a tech via the GPS Tracking Tab of the Technician Manager portal.  The GPS Tracking Tab shows a map of all GPS positions recorded for a technician during a day.

When you access the tab the map will show positions for the current date.  The route is sequenced by the time stamp for each GPS position record.  You may view history for other dates by changing the date field and pressing the Update button.  You may also enter select a Starting Time to include only positions from that time forward. You may click on any icon point on the route to see the time and address for that point.

Tech Mapping & GPS

Technician Time Tracking

This system allows your service technicians to record time events throughout the work day to account for time spent on service work, travel, meals, etc. The Time Tracking feature also provides:

  • The ability to specify that multiple techs are working on the same service order so that time is recorded for all the related techs from a single portal.
  • The option to automatically generate service order line items to account for technician labor cost on each service order (see related feature description).
  • The ability for management to review current and past time tracking data for each tech.

Tech Time Tracking

New Remote Technician Portal for SouthWare

New Remote Technician portal is designed for a mobile service technician who will access and update SouthWare Service Orders over an internet connection. The layout and functionality of this portal are optimized for tablet and touch screen use.

Empower Your Customers with Self Service

Providing good customer service is a key element of a successful business. But how much time are your employees spending to provide that service, and what is the cost? Often customers call to check on the status of an order, find out what they purchased last month, ask for a copy of a lost invoice, check on a service call request, or ask for a tracking number for their shipment.

Consider providing your customer with access to this information from your web site. With today’s technology, many customers want immediate results. They don’t want to be put on hold or leave voice messages for a call back. Providing an easy to use site where a customer can access a copy of their invoice, get a tracking number, review a list of products they purchased in the past or check the status of a sales or service order on their schedule can provide higher levels of service, and reduce the cost of in-house customer service employees.

Get a Bigger Bang for Your Payroll Buck – Improve Employee Efficiencies

Often, employees spend unnecessary time completing their daily tasks. Moving from one module or menu to another to locate the program they need to run next is time consuming. Searching for the correct item code or customer code is time consuming. Running lengthy reports and reviewing them to find a specific piece of information is time consuming.

Having the right technology to improve employee efficiencies is critical to reducing your costs. Structuring personal menus or roles-based portals that simplifies the user experience can have a direct impact on your costs. Users see everything they need to do their tasks, and they are not bothered with information they do not need to see. This allows an employee to work from one convenient screen to perform all of their job related tasks.

This will streamline each employee’s work efforts and help make them more productive. Establishing these methodologies will also reduce the amount of training time when you add new employees.

Optimize and Wring Dollars Out of Your Business

By maintaining inventory, you incur costs. These costs include not only the cost of products but also the cost of warehousing, employee handling, insurance and overhead. Now is the time to optimize your inventory to reduce capital tied up in slow moving products, salvage dead stock, and maximize the use of your warehouse facility.

More than ever, the right technology is an essential tool to help businesses tightly manage their cash, drive efficiencies and reduce costs. The right technology can help you to:

  • Identify over stock and salvage dead stock in your warehouse to help you optimize and maintain the correct product mix
  • Recommend more efficient purchasing to keep quantities low but still provide the right levels of service
  • Help to control rising costs from vendors and suggest more efficient purchasing methods

With the right technology you will be able to wring the dollars you have tied up in inventory assets into cash and reduce your overall warehousing costs.

Lost & Found – Quicker Collections, Quicker Profit

In this Lost & Found, we will look at the problems you encounter with your AR Collections and how it affects your cash flow and your profit. Even in good times, many customers are slow to pay. With the current economic situation, you may see collection times lengthening even more as your customers begin to conserve their cash.

Many companies’ collection process consists of reviewing customers with past due balances on an aging report at month end. Time is needlessly spent looking at all the current AR trying to find what is past due. Calls are then made to collect these balances. Invoices that became past due early in the month, may already be up to 30 days old.

What would the benefit be if you could reduce the days of outstanding past due balances? With tools such as an automatic alert, you could be notified every morning of the past due invoices as of that day. This could greatly reduce the time it takes to collect the cash that is due to you.

There are many other ways to improve your cash collections, but how does that affect your bottom line? Fill in the blanks below and see how much your company can increase your profit by improving your cash collections.



Your Business

Current Annual Sales



365 Days Per Year

÷ 365

Average Daily Sales

$ 5,479


Current Days Outstanding

x 60

Total Current Cash Outstanding

$ 328,740

Average Daily Sales

$ 5,479


Anticipated New Days Outstanding

x 10

Anticipated Cash Outstanding

$ 54,790

Total Current Cash Outstanding

$ 328,740


Total Anticipated Cash Outstanding


Total Improved Cash Collections*

$ 273,950*

Annual Return (Current Prime Rate)

x .07

Improved Annual Profit

$ 19,177


*This is additional cash that will be liberated from your AR.

Lost & Found – Dollars Lost in Inventory

In this Lost & Found, we will look at optimizing your inventory turns to reduce the amount of inventory on hand. An item whose inventory is sold (turns over) once a year has higher holding cost than one that turns over twice, or three times, or more. Increasing inventory turns is beneficial in three main ways:

  • Reduce your holding costs so you spend less money on rent, utilities, insurance, theft and other costs of maintaining a product. This reduction in overhead costs will improve net income.
  • Free cash trapped in excessive inventory by optimizing your on hand inventory.
  • Items that turn over more quickly increase responsiveness to changes in customer requirements while allowing for the replacement of obsolete items.

There are many other ways to optimize your inventory besides increasing your turns. Fill in the blanks below to see how much your company can increase your profit by improving your inventory turns.



Your Business

Annual Cost of Goods Sold



Average Current Inventory Value


Current Inventory Turns


Annual Cost of Good Sold


Anticipated Improved Turns

÷ 6

Anticipated New Inv. Value

$ 375,000

Average Current Inventory Value


Anticipated New Inv. Value


Total Inventory Reduction*

$ 25,000*


Carrying Cost (10% industry average)

x .10

Improved Annual Profit

$ 62,500


* This is additional cash that will be liberated from your excess inventory!

Inventory Optimization

How much excess inventory are you carrying today?  How confident are you that you are purchasing the right quantities for your business on today’s purchase orders?

Most businesses do not have a clear idea on how much excess inventory they are carrying.  Most do not know what the right levels of each item should be to meet their desired order fill rate.  Exerve can help.

Excess inventory is a depreciating asset.  Every dollar of inventory you can eliminate falls directly to the bottom line.

Our Free Inventory Optimization Review evaluates your current inventory, historical sales and inventory turns and forecasts future demand – seeking to identify obsolete inventory and optimal inventory levels for your operation. After our review, we will develop a short list of achievable objectives, some technology strategies, and of course, an improved cash flow estimate through inventory optimization. Let us help you find ways to maximize both your profit and your business potential.

If you are interested in extra cash falling to your bottom line, call Exerve today at 770-447-1566.  Optimize your inventory right now!

Start with the right solution for your business

Exerve StartRight– Start with the Right solution right now!

StartRight is a ramp-up program that allows you to start with the right solution – right now. Every tool you employ in your business should be implemented with your business’s future in mind. Many solutions look easy, but many times they are a trap – crippling the future growth of your business. With StartRight, you can start right now with the business management solution that can take your business from your first sale to your wildest visions of success. Whether you are a small business just getting started or a business that has a great history behind it, every business needs the right business management solution. Why start with software that cannot take you to the finish line? Don’t allow the illusion of simplicity today cripple your business’s future potential.