TaskWise Messages (TWIC)

TWIC (TaskWise Internal Conversations) is an extensive technology add-on for SouthWare TaskWise™ that allows you to easily and securely communicate with other SouthWare users in your company without relying on external texting, messaging, or e-mail services. TWIC also allows you to have ongoing online discussions with different teams or the entire company.

ReportMate File Access Search Tables (FAST) Indexing Technology

With the File Access Search Table (FAST) feature you may create new index keys to enable faster ReportMate reports. A   FAST index key gives you similar capabilities to the standard alternate key fields for a SouthWare file.   When you create a ReportMate report and use an index key as the first range the report will process much faster because the report reads only the records that match the index key.   This is typically needed only on files with a large number of records, and tests indicate this can result in reports that run 5 times faster than the same report without an index.


SouthWare CashFlow Deposit Portal

SouthWare CashFlow Deposit Portal
The Cash Flow Bank Deposits feature enables you to accurately record the date when cash or checks received from customers are deposited into a bank account. This is helpful in bank reconciliation because you can control when a payment is considered “deposited” regardless of the date you received the payment. For example, if you receive payments on Friday that do not get deposited until Monday, you can specify the cash/check deposit to be a Monday deposit.

Purchase Order Planner Portal

The PO Planner Portal allows you to make PO buying decisions with integrated access to all the related info available in the system. You may review inventory items that need to be purchased and interactively edit the suggested quantities in the PO work file. As you work you see the estimated total cost amount for items purchased and you may zoom to the details of past purchases, sales trends, and other info to help you make good buying decisions. po_planning_portal

New SouthWare Remote Sales Portal including Remote Order Entry

New SouthWare Remote Sales Portal including Remote Order Entry

The SouthWare Remote Sales Portal provides an integrated user environment for sales and customer service users who are connecting to SouthWare via a Tablet. All major Tablets are supported – including Apple iPad, Android and Windows. This new features expands SouthWare tablet offering which already includes Remote Tech and Executive reporting.

Do You Have the Power You Need?

How often does your power go out? Do storms, construction, or copper thieves disrupt your electrical flow?

Maybe it is a good idea to make sure all of your systems are on battery backups.

Battery Backup

Most organizations maintain battery backups for their servers and network, but what about your user workstations?

Exerve recommends putting all system resources on battery backup to eliminate system hiccups due to brief power flashes or brownouts. These power outages can take printers offline, corrupt your data and hang critical processes – each of which can take hours to fix. Having your entire system on battery backup means that power fluctuations should not effect your operational workflow.

Take a few minutes to review your battery backup situation and make sure you are covered.

Items that you should consider putting on a Battery Backup:

  • Servers
  • Switches
  • Firewalls and Internet Hardware
  • User Workstations
  • Monitors