New Posting Register Options!

The posting registers produced by each SouthWare posting process provide an audit trail of the updated data. We have a “Posting Register Portal”. In this portal you may choose to activate logging of registers and to automate several features of the posting:

  • Auto-Output – Defining an Auto-Output for a posting register enables the creation or updating of a log record for each posting that uses that register. Specify which output format (and optionally which printer ID) to automatically use.
  • Separate File setting – Indicate whether to create a separate file per posting, per day, or per month (if spooling). This lets you optionally combine related postings into a single file to make it easier to search for data.
  • Active – After defining logging for a post register type you have the option to activate/deactivate the logging if needed.
  • Auto-Post to G/L – For each G/L interface process you may specify whether to automatically post G/L distributions to G/L transactions as part of the posting process. This will create a G/L transaction per posting.
  • Edit or Set Up buttons – The button to the right of each posting register line accesses the maintenance program you can use to access the options for the register. The Set Up button automatically creates the record, then lets you review/edit it as needed.

New SouthWare Remote Sales Portal including Remote Order Entry

New SouthWare Remote Sales Portal including Remote Order Entry

The SouthWare Remote Sales Portal provides an integrated user environment for sales and customer service users who are connecting to SouthWare via a Tablet. All major Tablets are supported – including Apple iPad, Android and Windows. This new features expands SouthWare tablet offering which already includes Remote Tech and Executive reporting.

New SouthWare QuickScreens Portal with Global Search

The SouthWare QuickScreens Menu is a portal that provides an integrated menu environment for users logged into SouthWare. The portal integrates one-click access to SouthWare web portals, full access to the complete SouthWare classic menu, and global find/navigate features. Whether you are a new or a long-time SouthWare user, the QuickScreens menu gives you efficient and easily-navigated access to SouthWare functions.

SouthWare QuickScreens Portal
SouthWare QuickScreens Portal

New Grid Edit for SouthWare Live Portals


SouthWare has just released a fantastic new feature — Data Editing inside of a Web Grid. This feature works much like the FYI Grid Edit, but this is inside of your Live Portals.

Available Now:

  • Uses Same Security as FYI Grid Edit
  • Edit Customer Ship to And Bill to Information
  • Edit Service Order Schedules
  • Edit Service Tech Information
  • Create Your Own Web Grids with Edit Capabilities

movie-smallCheck Out Video Demo of This Great New Tool!